An adult Indian Wolf

Wolves live all over the world, from North America to Asia. They live in the arctic and they live in deserts. Have you ever seen the Jungle Book, or read the book the Jungle Book? If so, you know Mowgli was raised by wolves, but what kind. It was the Indian Wolf, pictured above. They are a subspecies of the Grey Wolf that lives in Southeast Asia and India.

Two Indian Wolf pups




Migrating Birds

Have you ever seen this before? A group of birds flying together in the shape of a V.


Most likely you have. If you haven’t here is a picture so you know what I mean. Why do birds do this? Birds fly in a V when they are migrating, moving for the winter or summer. The V allows them to have less wind resistance so they can fly much longer distances easier. The birds will rotate occasionally, the head flyer moving to the back and the one behind it moving up to take the lead.




Did you know bats “see” by hearing? They do. It’s called echolocation, and it is similar in concept to sonar. They emit a high frequency sound, it bounces off nearby objects and then they hear the echo and know what is in front of them. Pretty amazing!